As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have received extensive training in various psychotherapy modalities to address the various symptoms found within these specialities. Specialites include (but not limited to):  

Stress Management

Stress is an everyday occurrence and can actually serve as a motivator to get things done. However, having too much stress can impact your physical and emotional health as well as relationships. Together we can discuss current coping skills as well as learn new tools to manage your stress effectively. 

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the most common ailments amongst millions, yet the pain one carries from it can dim even the brightest light. You are not alone and I am here to help you break free of the maladaptive thought patterns that have held you down long enough.

Substance Abuse/Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction can be one of the most difficult battles to face. You are not alone and I am here to help you on this tough but necessary journey. Together we explore the underlying reason for drug use and learn coping skills to achieve sobriety, understand and effectively manage cravings and triggers, as well as avoiding relapses. 

Self Esteem / Self Passion

Our thoughts can be the most motivating or the most devastating towards how we feel about ourselves. Strengthening your self esteem and learning to be compassionate with yourself is key to helping you manage your mental health and daily living. Let's work together to not only increase your self esteem but learn to be your own biggest supporter. 

Millennial/Young Adults

"Adulting" brings many ups and downs so why not learn ways to explore and handle challenges that come with being a young adult. We should've listened when they told us not to grow up lol! Together we look at how to use skills to best figure out this ever changing world, how you fit in it, and how to be the best version of you. 


Nothing is more important than being heard and supported for who you are while in a safe and trusting environment. I am familiar with the issues often faced by the LGBTQ+ community and I am committed to helping you explore who you are while processing the heavy emotions that come from societal stigma and inequality you've experienced

Racial Trauma

The experience of racial trauma can be frightening and lead to bouts of depression, anxiety, and ongoing suffering. I work from a culturally sensitive and compassionate approach to best serve your needs in handling discrimination and all other negative impacts of social inequity.  

​Acculturative Stress

Immigrant families and even US born children of immigrant families, particularly Latinos, are more likely to experience this type of stress given unique cultural barriers. The difficulties of navigating two cultures can cause emotional distress and the development of different mental health disorders. As a first generation Latina, I am more than happy to help you explore these challenges and guide you in finding your identity while balancing two cultures. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma can have devastating and long term impacts on your physical and mental wellbeing. Some of the most common emotions associated with trauma include anxiety, constant fear, and hopelessness. We will work together to not only conquer these emotions but help you heal and move forward from them.

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